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To Control the Propagation Characteristic of One-Dimensional Plasma Photonic Crystal Using Exponentially Graded Dielectric Material

By Surendra Prasad, Vivek Singh, and Abhay Kumar Singh
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 22, 123-136, 2012


The effect of exponentially graded material on the modal dispersion characteristics, group velocity and effective group index as well as phase index of refraction of a binary One-Dimensional Plasma Photonic Crystals (1D-PPCs) has been studied. The dispersion relation is derived by solving Maxwell's equations and using the transfer matrix method. The anomalous dispersion characteristics are observed for different values of selection parameters. The introduction of graded dielectric layers in 1D-PPCs provides additional parameters for controlling the propagation characteristics of 1D-PPCs. Also, the band gap is shown to become larger with the increase of plasma frequency and plasma width. Hence the structure having plasma and exponentially graded dielectric layer in unit cell is more useful for controlling and tuning of the plasma functioning devices than the structure having plasma and homogeneous dielectric layer in one unit cell.


Surendra Prasad, Vivek Singh, and Abhay Kumar Singh, "To Control the Propagation Characteristic of One-Dimensional Plasma Photonic Crystal Using Exponentially Graded Dielectric Material," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 22, 123-136, 2012.


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