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Statistical Analysis of Electromagnetic Field Inside a Jet Engine Using the Reverberation Chamber Approach

By Aya Fekry Abdelaziz, Daniele Trinchero, and Tamer Khattab
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 24, 157-165, 2012


In this paper, the electromagnetic field distribution inside a jet engine is studied through full wave analysis. Results are statistically analyzed by comparisons to the models used for the reverberation chamber with a mechanical mode stirrer. The jet engine is simulated as an open cylinder containing one set of rotating blades by using 'Ansys R HFSS'. A simple Hertzian dipole illuminates the interior structure as an incident wave excitation representing a transmitting antenna radiating continuous wave fields. The field distribution inside the engine, which results from a distinct set of rotating positions of the blades, is primarily studied through the simulation program. In our case, the mechanical stirrer is represented by the rotating set of blades. The field values are extracted at different planes along the cylindrical engine, and the average field is statistically analyzed. We show that the squared magnitude of the field component along the engine's main axis has an exponential distribution compared to the theoretical exponential distribution proved in a reverberation chamber. This approach promises to act as a novel effective method to analyze the engine system without dealing with the complex details inside the engine cavity.


Aya Fekry Abdelaziz, Daniele Trinchero, and Tamer Khattab, "Statistical Analysis of Electromagnetic Field Inside a Jet Engine Using the Reverberation Chamber Approach," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 24, 157-165, 2012.


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