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Microwave Tunable Metasurfaces Implemented with Ferroelectric Materials and Periodical Copper Wires

By Li-Hao Yeh and Jean-Fu Kiang
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 37, 191-202, 2014


A tunable metasurface composed of multiple resonant units is proposed, with each unit containing a block of SrTiO3 ferroelectric and a periodical copper-wire structure. The local transmission coefficient of the metasurface is controlled by voltagetuning the permittivity of SrTiO3 in each resonant unit. The function of this tunable metasurface is demonstrated by simulating beam steering at the angles of 30˚ and 14.47˚, respectively; as well as beam focusing at the focal lengths of 2λ0 and 4λ0, respectively.


Li-Hao Yeh and Jean-Fu Kiang, "Microwave Tunable Metasurfaces Implemented with Ferroelectric Materials and Periodical Copper Wires," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 37, 191-202, 2014.


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