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Multimode Analysis and Pic Simulation of a Metal PBG Cavity Gyrotron Oscillator

By Ashutosh Singh and Pradip Kumar Jain
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 39, 11-18, 2014


This paper is devoted to the study of beam-wave interaction behavior of a 35 GHz photonic band gap cavity (PBGC) gyrotron operating in a higher order TE341 mode. For the present gyrotron, PBGC is used instead of conventional tapered cylindrical cavity due to its promising feature of the mode selectivity. In order to observe the beam-wave interaction behavior, multimode theory has been used for the PBG cavity operating at the fundamental harmonic mode. Multimode theory provides the performance of a gyrotron in the presence of all competing modes. Results obtained from the analysis have been validated using a commercially available 3D PIC code. The energy and phase variations of electrons demonstrate the bunching mechanism as well as energy transfer phenomena. RF power output obtained from the analysis as well as PIC simulation is compared and is found in close agreement within 12%. More than 45 kW of stable RF power output is achieved in TE341 mode with ~17% efficiency. The existence of competing modes has been considerably reduced, and the single mode operation of PBGC gyrotron has been achieved.


Ashutosh Singh and Pradip Kumar Jain, "Multimode Analysis and Pic Simulation of a Metal PBG Cavity Gyrotron Oscillator," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 39, 11-18, 2014.


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