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Transmission through Double Positive --- Dispersive Double Negative Chiral Metamaterial Structure in Fractional Dimensional Space

By Aqeel Ahmad, Aqeel Abbas Syed, and Qaisar Naqvi
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 44, 81-89, 2015


This paper presents the frequency response of a stratified structure consisting of double-positive and dispersive double-negative chiral metamaterial layers. The structure is inserted between two half-spaces of fractional dimensions. Transfer matrix approach is used for the analysis. Dispersion within the double-negative chiral layers is realized by using Lorentz/Drude model. The effect of fractionality of the dimension is particularly investigated. Numerical results, for a five layer structure, are presented for various parametric values of the stratified structure and fractionality of the host media. It is shown that the fractionality of host media can be used as yet another parameter to control the frequency response of such a filtering structure. For integral values of dimensions, the results are shown to converge to the classical results thus validating the analysis.


Aqeel Ahmad, Aqeel Abbas Syed, and Qaisar Naqvi, "Transmission through Double Positive --- Dispersive Double Negative Chiral Metamaterial Structure in Fractional Dimensional Space," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 44, 81-89, 2015.


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