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Design and Performance Index Comparison of the Permanent Magnet Linear Motor

By Fairul Azhar bin Abdul Shukor, Hiroyuki Wakiwaka, Kunihisa Tashiro, and Masami Nirei
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 43, 101-108, 2015


In this paper, a cylindrical permanent magnet linear motor (PMLM), which has a high performance, was designed and developed, because the motor has a zero normal force and a higher thrust density. The structure of the motor plays a vital role at the stage of design. During the design stage, several models of the PMLM that had different structural parameters were simulated using FEM software, and the model that produced the high-performance was identified. The structural parameters involved include the radius and height of the permanent magnet, rpm, and hpm, the height of coil, hc, and the shaft radius, rs, within a fixed total radius, rtotal. Each model of the PMLM was simulated using FEM software and the model that produced the highest thrust was identified. To prove its high-performance characteristics, the performance of the PMLM was then compared to the commercialized PMLM using four performance indexes which are thrust F, thrust constant kf, motor constant km and motor constant square density G. About 200 commercialized PMLMs with three different types have been chosen which are the slot type PMLM, slotless type PMLM and shaft motor. Based on the comparisons, the designed PMLM had a better performance than the commercialized PMLM. In order to validate the simulation result, the PMLM was manufactured. The simulation and measurement static thrust characteristics were then compared, and it was found that the simulated thrust had a good agreement with the measured one.


Fairul Azhar bin Abdul Shukor, Hiroyuki Wakiwaka, Kunihisa Tashiro, and Masami Nirei, "Design and Performance Index Comparison of the Permanent Magnet Linear Motor," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 43, 101-108, 2015.


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