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An Echo Simulation Method for DBS Imaging That Considers Environmental Factors

By Gaosheng Li, Gui Gao, Yang Bai, Dongming Zhou, Wei Liu, and Jianghua Cheng
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 57, 45-53, 2017


DBS (Doppler Beam Sharpening) imaging for scene matching terminal guidance is investigated. An echo simulation method for DBS of missile-borne radar that considers environmental factors is presented. The transmission signals of missile-borne radar are studied first. Next, the method for the modeling of the echo signals is discussed with consideration of environmental influences including the objects on the ground, radome and the seasonal variations, especially undulation of the ground. The status of the surface of the earth as well as internal elements of the radar will influence the precision of the height measurement, thereby indirectly influencing the image matching. Undulating terrain can also cause changes in the electromagnetic characteristics that lie in the translation of image points; in addition, there is a close relationship between the position offset and the altitude of the image area. The operation flow of DBS is provided together with the method of generating reference images. Finally, an optical image of an airport and the simulation results using echoes are presented for validation.


Gaosheng Li, Gui Gao, Yang Bai, Dongming Zhou, Wei Liu, and Jianghua Cheng, "An Echo Simulation Method for DBS Imaging That Considers Environmental Factors," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 57, 45-53, 2017.


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