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Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Efficiency Enhancement of the PANI-CSA Films at Broad Band Frequencies

By Sreekala P. Sasikumar, Vadakkekalathil Libi Mol, Dibin Mary George, Arimpoorpallan Lindo, Neeraj Kavalparambil Pushkaran, Honey John, and Chandroth Aanandan
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 57, 163-174, 2017


A material sample of Camphour Sulphonic Acid doped Polyaniline (PANI-CSA) is contemplated towards its conceivable use as a microwave shield. Shielding towards electromagnetic interferences (EMI) is measured over various frequency bands by the waveguide method. Plane wave electromagnetic theory is used to generalize the overall reflection and transmission coefficients of the polymer. EMI shielding of the polymer, in the form of Shielding Efficiency (SE), is analyzed over the microwave frequency range from 2 to 18 GHz, demonstrating the potential value of the polymer as an electromagnetic interference (EMI) shield for commercial purposes. The shielding film is fabricated using standard procedure with CSA as the dopant and m-cresol as the solvent. The shielding effectiveness as high as 45 dB for the sample of PANI doped with CSA is observed.


Sreekala P. Sasikumar, Vadakkekalathil Libi Mol, Dibin Mary George, Arimpoorpallan Lindo, Neeraj Kavalparambil Pushkaran, Honey John, and Chandroth Aanandan, "Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Efficiency Enhancement of the PANI-CSA Films at Broad Band Frequencies," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 57, 163-174, 2017.


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