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Sub-Diffraction Holographic Imaging with Resonant Scatterers

By Abhishek Patel and Reza Khalaj Amineh
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 59, 1-7, 2017


Imaging with electromagnetic waves has a wide range of applications from remote sensing of earth to concealed weapon detection, among the others. When data are collected in the far-field (imaging distance in the order of one wavelength or larger), linear electromagnetic imaging techniques mainly suffer a fundamental limit in the resolution called "diffraction limit". To overcome this limit, we propose the use of resonant near-field scatterers incorporated in the holographic imaging techniques. These scatterers convert part of the evanescent spectrum in the vicinity of the object to propagating spectrum that is measured by the antenna in the far-field. Here, we study the improvement in the resolution with decreasing the object-scatterer distance. We also investigate the effect of using multiple scatterers along the range and cross-range directions.


Abhishek Patel and Reza Khalaj Amineh, "Sub-Diffraction Holographic Imaging with Resonant Scatterers," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 59, 1-7, 2017.


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