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Mm -Wave Dielectric Parameters of Magnesium Fluoride Glass Wafers

By Vladimir Borisovich Yurchenko, Mehmet Ciydem, Marcin Lukasz Gradziel, and Lidiya Valeriyevna Yurchenko
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 62, 89-98, 2017


We measured millimeter-wave dielectric parameters of magnesium fluoride glass wafers at the room temperature in the frequency band of 75--110 GHz by applying the open resonator technique based on the use of Bragg structures and related multi-layer assemblies. Through the comparison of measured and simulated transmission spectra of various structures, the dielectric constant of magnesium fluoride glass is found as ε= 5.50±0.01. The estimate for the loss tangent is found to be tanδ= 0.00005, with a possibility that the actual losses could be smaller than this value.


Vladimir Borisovich Yurchenko, Mehmet Ciydem, Marcin Lukasz Gradziel, and Lidiya Valeriyevna Yurchenko, "Mm -Wave Dielectric Parameters of Magnesium Fluoride Glass Wafers," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 62, 89-98, 2017.


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