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Digital Harmonic Canceling Algorithm for Power Amplifiers Based on Nonlinear Adaptive Filter

By Xuan Peng, Xin Qiu, and Fuqi Mu
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 65, 151-164, 2018


High power amplifier not only causes in-band intermodulation but also causes out-of-band harmonic distortion. For a wideband transmitter, harmonic distortion out of communication frequency can be restrained by a radio-frequency filter, but harmonic distortion in the communication frequency is difficult to restrain. In this paper, we develop harmonic memory proper to model harmonic distortion and then propose a digital harmonic canceling algorithm based on direct learning structure - nonlinear filtered-x ane projection algorithm (NFX-APA). Simulation and measurement results demonstrate that this novel digital canceling method can cancel harmonic effectively.


Xuan Peng, Xin Qiu, and Fuqi Mu, "Digital Harmonic Canceling Algorithm for Power Amplifiers Based on Nonlinear Adaptive Filter," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 65, 151-164, 2018.


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