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High Sensitivity Refractive Index Sensor Based on Metamaterial Absorber

By Wei Zhang, Jian-Ying Li, and Jian Xie
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 71, 107-115, 2018


A metamaterial sensor is designed in this paper which can be used to detect the refractive index of an unknown dielectric loaded on the top surface of a metamaterial absorber. The resonant frequency of the absorber will be changed with various refractive indexes of the loaded dielectrics. Especially, the resonant frequency of the sensor is uniquely related to the refractive index of the unknown dielectric with the constant thickness, the linear relation of which is obtained by simulation fitting. A prototype of the absorber is manufactured and measured, which testify the design theory and simulation results. The Sfre of the proposed sensor is 0.3537GHz/RIU, and the FoM can reach 11.0531RIU-1.


Wei Zhang, Jian-Ying Li, and Jian Xie, "High Sensitivity Refractive Index Sensor Based on Metamaterial Absorber," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 71, 107-115, 2018.


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