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A Novel Design of Compact Monopole Antenna with Defected Ground Plane for Wideband Applications

By Sumeet Singh Bhatia, Aditi Sahni, and Shashi B. Rana
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 70, 21-31, 2018


In this paper, a design of compact monopole antenna with defected ground plane for wideband applications has been investigated. Initially, the partial ground plane is used which yield the impedance bandwidth (S11 ≤ -10 dB) of 23.87% and 17.54% ranging (4.00 GHz-5.11 GHz) and (8.48 GHz-9.84 GHz) respectively. The bandwidth of the proposed monopole antenna is enhanced by employing the defects in the partial ground plane. Antenna is designed and simulated by using Ansoft HFSS v13 simulator; moreover, the antenna is fabricated to validate the simulated results with the measured results. Measured proposed monopole antenna with DGP (Defected Ground Plane) exhibits the impedance bandwidth (S11 ≤ -10 dB) of 72.87% ranging (3.89 GHz-8.35 GHz), which covers different wireless standards such as WiMAX (3.3 GHz-3.7 GHz), WLAN (5.15 GHz-5.85 GHz), X-band satellite applications (7.1 GHz-7.76 GHz) and point to point high speed wireless communication (5.925 GHz-8.5 GHz).


Sumeet Singh Bhatia, Aditi Sahni, and Shashi B. Rana, "A Novel Design of Compact Monopole Antenna with Defected Ground Plane for Wideband Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 70, 21-31, 2018.


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