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Embedded Resonances for Discrimination of Multiple Passive Nonlinear Targets Applicable to DORT

By Sun K. Hong and Hong Soo Park
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 81, 31-42, 2019


This paper presents a method to distinguish multiple passive nonlinear targets, which can be applied to detection and selective wave focusing based on the decomposition of the time-reversal operator (DORT). A recent demonstration of DORT applied to harmonic scattering has shown that passive nonlinear targets (scatterers) can be detected in the presence of linear scatterers and separated into discrete eigenvalues. While DORT is effective in detecting multiple nonlinear targets, it could be difficult to discriminate these nonlinear scatters as their harmonic responses would look similar to each other. Our proposed approach to overcoming this difficulty is based on simply embedding a unique resonant notch in the second harmonic band for each nonlinear scatter, so as to make the notch appear in the associated eigenvalue, permitting identification and discrimination of the scatterer. We numerically demonstrate the basic feasibility of the proposed idea by considering various configurations in a two-dimensional model. The results show that a uniquely embedded resonant notch in a nonlinear target consistently appears in the corresponding eigenvalue of the time reversal operator, allowing it to be a reliable identifying feature. Further investigation into this technique holds promise towards smart wireless power transfer, biomedical, and IoT applications.


Sun K. Hong and Hong Soo Park, "Embedded Resonances for Discrimination of Multiple Passive Nonlinear Targets Applicable to DORT," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 81, 31-42, 2019.


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