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Design and Optimization of Electromagnetic Parameters in a Linear Magnetic-Geared Generator Based on Orthogonal Statistical Method

By Qiao Ling Yang, Hai Ping Zhang, Shenghui Guo, and Bo Liang Song
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 106, 15-24, 2021


The magnetic-geared generator integrates the magnetic gear and the generator by using the magnetic field modulation technology. It has the characteristics of high power density, high material utilization, and has a wide application prospect. However, compared with the general generator, its structure is relatively complex which makes its design and optimization become more complex. Therefore, a new structure and an optimization method based on orthogonal regression statistics is proposed. The experimental results fully prove the effectiveness of the proposed structure and optimization method.


Qiao Ling Yang, Hai Ping Zhang, Shenghui Guo, and Bo Liang Song, "Design and Optimization of Electromagnetic Parameters in a Linear Magnetic-Geared Generator Based on Orthogonal Statistical Method," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 106, 15-24, 2021.


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