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Design of Quad Band Operational UWB Antenna with Triple Notch Bands Using Meander Line Slot

By Rani Rudrama Kodali, Polepalli Siddaiah, and Mahendra Nanjappa Giriprasad
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 109, 63-73, 2022


A novel ultra-wideband (UWB) antenna with triple band rejection capabilities operating in quad bands is presented. The proposed UWB antenna is derived from a planar rectangular shaped monopole antenna. In order to improve the bandwidth ratio of the antenna, a partial ground is maintained with a slot at centre along with truncated slots made at bottom two corners and a rectangular slot at top side centre of the radiating patch. In order to achieve the required triple notch characteristics and the multiband operation, a single meander line slot is made in the middle of the patch. The dimensions of the meander line slot are varied to change the notch band characteristics of the antenna. The FR4 substrate with dielectric constant 4.4 with thickness of 1.6 mm is used to design the antenna. The overall size of the antenna is maintained compact with dimensions 40 mm×38 mm. The proposed UWB antenna rejects triple bands 3.29 GHz-4.83 GHz (WiMAX), 5.15 GHz-6.84 GHz (WLAN), & 7.94 GHz-8.49 GHz (X-band satellite uplink). The operational bands of the UWB antenna with triple notch bands are as follows, 2.38 GHz-3.29 GHz, 4.83 GHz-5.15 GHz, 6.84 GHz-7.94 GHz, and 8.49 GHz-13.15 GHz. The measured peak gains at 2.7 GHz, 5 GHz, 7.3 GHz, 8.7 GHz, and 11.5 GHz are 3.4 dBi, 2.8 dBi, 3.6 dBi, 3.3 dBi, & 3.88 dBi, respectively. The step-by-step implementation of the triple notch band UWB antenna and the comparative analysis is presented. The proposed antenna performance is presented with the help of reflection coefficient, VSWR, gain, field distributions and radiation pattern curves. The simulated and measured analysis comparison shows good agreement making the designed antenna a good candidate for UWB applications that require multiband operations with selected bands rejection.


Rani Rudrama Kodali, Polepalli Siddaiah, and Mahendra Nanjappa Giriprasad, "Design of Quad Band Operational UWB Antenna with Triple Notch Bands Using Meander Line Slot," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 109, 63-73, 2022.


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