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By C. D. Nguyen, K. A. Dao, V. P. Tran, and D. Dao

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The phase and group refractive indexes of microwaves in the ionosphere region of the earth atmosphere are very important for both the researching theoretical problems and practical problems in wireless information transmission (WIT) and wireless power transmission (WPT). So far, there have been many attempts devoted to discuss and to determine the refractive indexes concerning their velocities in ionized region, unfortunately due tothe complicated features of the ionosphere region leading to research task facing with many challenges. Up to recent, there is still a lack of systematic numerical data of complex refractive index by altitude depending on high frequencies of the electromagnetic waves in the ionosphere region. This paper outlines and discusses some theoretical aspects of the complex refractive index in atmosphere's ionized region. Based on complex relative permittivity and conductivities by altitude determined numerically, the numerical estimated data of complex refractive indexes by the altitude from 100 km up to 1000 km at the different frequencies arealso shown and discussed.

C. D. Nguyen, K. A. Dao, V. P. Tran, and D. Dao, "Numerical Estimation of the Complex Refractive Indexes by the Altitude Depending on Wave Frequency in the Ionized Region of the Earth Atmosphere for Microwaves Information and Power Transmissions," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 52, 21-31, 2016.

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