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By T. Shen and K. A. Zaki

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Length reduction of evanescent-mode ridge waveguide bandpass filters is investigated extensively. Based on the conventional filter configuration, two new filter configurations are proposed: one is the generalized filter, and the other is the folded filter. In the generalized filter configuration, the cross sections of the evanescent waveguide and the ridge waveguide are not necessarily the same. It is found that the filter length can be reduced by enlarging the evanescent waveguide height. In the folded filter configuration, the filter is folded back at the middle coupling section. The folded junction is ridged to provide the required coupling between the two ridge waveguide resonators it connects. A design example demonstrates the feasibility of this filter configuration.

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T. Shen and K. A. Zaki, "Length Reduction of Evanescent-Mode Ridge Waveguide Bandpass Filters," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 40, 71-90, 2003.

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