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By D. Poljak

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The post-processing of human exposure to a transient electromagnetic fields is presented in the paper. The mathematical model is based on the cylindrical representation of the human body and the corresponding space-time Hallen integral equation. The Hallen integral equation is solved via the Galerkin-Bubnov scheme of the indirect boundary element method and the equivalent space-time current distribution along the cylindrical body model is obtained. The transient current flowing through the human body is postprocessed in terms of certain measures of quantifying the transient response. These measures arise from circuit theory and they are average and root-mean square value of time-varying current, instantaneous power dissipated in the body and total absorbed energy in the body. Illustrative numerical results are presented.

D. Poljak, "Postprocessing of the Human Body Response to Transient Electromagnetic Fields," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 49, 219-238, 2004.

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