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By Q. Rao, T. A. Denidni, A. R. Sebak, and R. H. Johnston

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In this paper, a new coplanar waveguide (CPW) feed structure is proposed to improve impedance matching of low-permittivity dielectric resonator antennas (LPDRAs). The structure is studied experimentally for a two element-rectangular LPDRA array. In the proposed structure, a horizontal strip is centrally connected at the center strip of the CPW and symmetrically added to a coplanar rectangular coupled slot. The dielectric radiators are fed by the CPW through the slot. Based on the above design concept, several antenna prototypes have been successfully designed, fabricated and tested. The measured results show that the proposed antenna exhibits unique and attractive features in terms of impedance matching, gain and the realization of an array.

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Q. Rao, T. A. Denidni, A. R. Sebak, and R. H. Johnston, "On Improving Impedance Matching of a CPW Fed Low Permittivity Dielectric Resonator Antenna," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 53, 21-29, 2005.

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