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By A. G. Tyzhnenko and Y. V. Ryeznik

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A rigorous solution in L2 to the EFIE for 2-D screens is developed and proposed as a reference solution for testing the convergence rate and scattering amplitude error of any MoM algorithm in L2. The proposed reference solution permits to choose judiciously an appropriate mesh density for a MoM algorithm instead of using the ten-points-rule in all cases. Additionally, using the reference solution it is demonstrated that the discrepancy should not be used as a performance value of the scattering amplitude error while solving the EFIE with the MoM in L2. Both the E- and H-cases are considered.

A. G. Tyzhnenko and Y. V. Ryeznik, "Estimates of Accuracy and Efficiency of a MoM Algorithm in for 2-D Screens," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 71, 295-316, 2007.

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