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By A. K. Shahi, V. Singh, and S. P. Ojha

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In this article a new type of circularly cored highly birefringent (Hi-Bi) waveguide having elliptical cladding is proposed and analyzed for the first time in our knowledge. By choosing appropriate orthogonal co-ordinates and using the boundary conditions of the considered waveguide, the eigen value equation in terms of modified Mathieu functions is derived under the weak guidance condition and is presented in this paper. Using this equation the modal dispersion curves for even and odd guided modes are obtained and plotted for different cladding ellipticity e. It is seen that the proposed (Hi-Bi) fiber supports less guided modes than standard circular fiber. Finally, the modal birefringence in the said fiber is also estimated.

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A. K. Shahi, V. Singh, and S. P. Ojha, "Dispersion Characteristics of Electromagnetic Waves in Circularly Cored Highly Birefringent Waveguide Having Elliptical Cladding," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 75, 51-62, 2007.

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