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By Z.-B. Lu, A. Zhang, and X.-Y. Hou

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In order to overcome drawbacks of standard particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm, such as prematurity and easily trapping in local optimum, a modified PSO algorithm which adopts a global best perturbation, is used to optimize the pattern of cylindrical conformal antenna array for sidelobe level (SLL) suppression and null control in certain directions.The convergence speed and accuracy of the algorithm are improved.Compared with genetic algorithm and simulated annealing, The PSO algorithm is much easier to understand and implement.Firstlypattern formula of conformal array is provided, then, the standard and modified PSO algorithm are introduced, at last, application examples and simulation results are presented.The results show that the Modified PSO algorithm is an effective and efficient method to solve multi-dimension and nonlinear problem.

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Z.-B. Lu, A. Zhang, and X.-Y. Hou, "Pattern Synthesis of Cylindrical Conformal Array by the Modified Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 79, 415-426, 2008.

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