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By M.-Y. Wang, J. Xu, J. Wu, B. Wei, H.-L. Li, T. Xu, and D.-B. Ge

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The Gaussian beam propagation in multi-layered structures that include indefinite anisotropic metamaterial (AMM) are simulated with shift operator method in Finite-Difference Time-Domain method (FDTD). The excitations of backward and forward surface affected by the types of biaxial AMM are investigated. Numerical results show that the directions of the guided wave excited are influenced by the sign of z component of relative permeability tensor of AMM that determines the energy flow is positively refracted or negatively refracted. Positive or negative Goos-H¨anchen shift associated with Total Cutoff media are also shown.

M.-Y. Wang, J. Xu, J. Wu, B. Wei, H.-L. Li, T. Xu, and D.-B. Ge, "FDTD Study on Wave Propagation in Layered Structures with Biaxial Anisotropic Metamaterials," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 81, 253-265, 2008.

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