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By Y.-D. Lee, D.-H. Park, and H.-K. Song

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This paper presents an investigation into improving the channel estimation scheme and reducing the effects of symbol timing misalignment when OFDMA is used as an access scheme. Under OFDMA uplink channel environments, appropriate symbol length of CAZAC sequences as a preamble could be utilized in accordance with the number of transmitting antenna and channel condition. The effect of the number of CAZAC sequences for channel estimation is also presented in terms of mean square error (MSE). Taking into account the effect of multiple access interference (MAI) introduced by a symbol timing misalignment, the symbol error rate (BER) and throughput performance are investigated for a typical OFDMA uplink scenario.

Y.-D. Lee, D.-H. Park, and H.-K. Song, "Improved Channel Estimation and MAI-Robust Schemes for Wireless Ofdma System," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 81, 213-223, 2008.

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