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By A. Ismail, M. S. Razalli, M. A. Mahdi, R. S. A. Raja Abdullah, N. K. Noordin, and M. F. A. Rasid

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A narrowband trisection substrate-integrated waveguide elliptic filter with coplanar waveguide (CPW) input and output ports is proposed and demonstrated for X-band applications. The filter is formed by incorporating metallized vias in a substrate (RT/Duroid) to create cross-coupled waveguide resonators. The result is an attenuation pole of finite frequency on the high side of the passband, therefore exhibiting asymmetric frequency response. The fabricated trisection filter with a centre frequency of 10.05 GHz exhibits an insertion loss of 3.16 dB for 3% bandwidth and a return loss of -20 dB. The rejection is larger than 15 dB at 10.37 GHz.

A. Ismail, M. S. Razalli, M. A. Mahdi, R. S. A. Raja Abdullah, N. K. Noordin, and M. F. A. Rasid, "X-Band Trisection Substrate-Integrated Waveguide Quasi-Elliptic Filter," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 85, 133-145, 2008.

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