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By Y.-Z. Yu and W.-B. Dou

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An axicon, which images a point source into a line along the optic axis, is used widely to generate an approximation to a Bessel beam. More recently many novel axicons, such as Fresnel axicons, Fractal axicons and fractal conical lenses (FCLs), have been proposed. Understanding the properties of Bessel beams generated by these axicons is very helpful to research their applications. However, in optical region, all of them are calculated approximately by the scalar theory. To accurately analyze FCLs when illuminated by a plane wave at millimeter wavelengths, the rigorous electromagnetic analysis method, which combines a two-dimension finite-difference time-domain (2-D FDTD) method and Stratton-Chu formulas, is adopted in our paper. By using this method, the properties of approximate Bessel beams generated by FCLs are analyzed and the conclusions are given.

Y.-Z. Yu and W.-B. Dou, "Properties of Approximate Bessel Beams at Millimeter Wavelengths Generated by Fractal Conical Lens," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 87, 105-115, 2008.

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