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By C.-N. Chiu and I.-T. Chiang

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This paper presents an efficient approach for analyzing the longtime response of high-speed dispersive and lossy interconnects terminated with nonlinear loads. In this approach, a fast real-time convolution algorithm with computational cost st O(N log2N) is suggested to tackle the long-time analysis of the high-speed dispersive and lossy interconnects, which are modeled by S-parameters. In addition, the acquirement of the S-parameters is recommended to adopt wideband closed-form formulas. The time response of a microstrip line with a nonlinear load is shown as a practical example. The dominant parameters affecting the response of this microstrip line is observed and discussed in detail. The approach demonstrates its efficiency and accuracy in the analysis.

C.-N. Chiu and I.-T. Chiang, "A Fast Approach for Simulating Long-Time Response of High-Speed Dispersive and Lossy Interconnects Terminated with Nonlinear Loads," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 91, 153-171, 2009.

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