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By C. Vazquez-Antuna, G. R. Hotopan, S. Ver-Hoeye, M. Fernandez-Garcia, L. F. Herran Ontanon, and F. Las Heras Andres

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In this work, a probe fed microstrip antenna design for the implementation of two dimensional arrays with individually fed radiating elements is presented. The performance of the antenna element, both isolated and in a 4×4 fixed array topology, is analysed using ADS and HFSS simulation software. Prototypes of the antenna element and of the array are manufactured and measured for the experimental validation of the design.

C. Vazquez-Antuna, G. R. Hotopan, S. Ver-Hoeye, M. Fernandez-Garcia, L. F. Herran Ontanon, and F. Las Heras Andres, " microstrip antenna design based on stacked patches for reconfigurable two dimensional planar array topologies ," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 97, 95-104, 2009.

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