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Analysis of Scattering from Arbitrary Configuration of Cylindrical Objects Using Hybrid Finite-Difference Mode-Matching Method

By Adam Kusiek and Jerzy Mazur
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 97, 105-127, 2009


This paper presents a new hybrid finite-difference frequency domain --- mode-matching method (FDFD-MM) for the analysis of electromagnetic wave scattering from configuration of metallic or dielectric cylindrical posts with arbitrary cross-section. In our approach each scatterer is treated as an effective circular cylinder represented by impedance matrix defined in its local coordinate system. In order to obtain the scattering parameters of arbitrary configuration of objects in global coordinate system an analytical iterative scattering procedure (ISP) is applied. This work is an extension of our previously published results, where our consideration were limited to two dimensional (2D) problems with TM excitation. In this paper we extended our analysis to two-and-a-half dimensional (2.5D) problems. The accuracy of the proposed method is presented and discussed. To verify our approach some numerical examples are presented. The obtained results are compared with the results published in literature and the ones obtained from own measurements and commercial software.


Adam Kusiek and Jerzy Mazur, "Analysis of Scattering from Arbitrary Configuration of Cylindrical Objects Using Hybrid Finite-Difference Mode-Matching Method," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 97, 105-127, 2009.


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