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By J.-C. Zhang, Y.-Z. Yin, and J.-P. Ma

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A design methodology of narrow band-pass frequency selective surfaces (FSSs) using the Fabry-Perot approach is presented. The whole FSS structure consists of two identical single layer FSSs separated by a foam layer, which forms a Fabry-Perot interferometer (FPI). The band-pass characteristic is a result of the FPI. The pass band can be controlled by the thickness of the foam, and the bandwidth can be controlled by the reflection coefficients of the single layer FSSs. The effects of both metallic and dielectric losses are discussed. It is interesting to note that the transmission peaks of FPI with high Q factor decline rapidly and finally disappear as the losses increase, and the insertion loss is mainly due to the refection. The relationship between the insertion loss and the Q factor of the FPI is examined. As examples, narrow band-pass FSSs at about 96 GHz with different bandwidths are designed.

J.-C. Zhang, Y.-Z. Yin, and J.-P. Ma, "Design of Narrow Band-Pass Frequency Selective Surfaces for Millimeter Wave Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 96, 287-298, 2009.

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