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By S. Mitatha

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We propose some fascinating results regarding dark soliton pulse propagation within the nonlinear micro and nano waveguides. The system consists of nonlinear micro and nanoring resonators whereby the dark soliton is input into the system and travels within the waveguide. A continuous dark soliton pulse is sliced into smaller pulses by the nonlinear effect which is known as chaos. The nonlinear behaviors such as chaos, bistability and bifurcation are analyzed and discussed. The broad area of applications such as dark-bright soliton conversion and power amplification, binary code generation by the dark-bright soliton pair, dark soliton trapping and millimeter wave generation are proposed and discussed. The biggest advantage is that, where security is the most important consideration, power amplification can be used to perform the long distance link.

S. Mitatha, "Dark Soliton Behaviors Within the Nonlinear Micro and Nanoring Resonators and Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 99, 383-404, 2009.

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