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By H. Choi, Y. Jeong, C. D. Kim, and J. S. Kenney

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We will demonstrate an alternative topology to greatly increase the operating bandwidth of an analog RF feedback power amplifier. A limited operating bandwidth due to the group delay mismatch of a feedback loop discouraged the use of an RF feedback technique in spite of its powerful linearization performance and great tolerance capability. By introducing a negative group delay circuit (NGDC) in the feedback loop, group delay match condition could be satisfied. With the fabricated 2-stage distributed element negative group delay circuit with a 30MHz of bandwidth and a -9 ns of group delay for a wideband code division multiple access (WCDMA) downlink band, the proposed feedback amplifier with the proposed topology experimentally achieved an adjacent channel leakage ratio of -53.2 dBc with a cancellation bandwidth of over 50 MHz.

H. Choi, Y. Jeong, C. D. Kim, and J. S. Kenney, "Bandwidth Enhancement of an Analog Feedback Amplifier by Employing a Negative Group Delay Circuit," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 105, 253-272, 2010.

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