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By W.-H. Lin, C.-J. Wu, and S.-J. Chang

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The angle-dependent properties of wave reflection in the lossy single-negative (SNG) materials are theoretically investigated. A model structure of SNG bilayer consisting of a lossy epsilon-negative (ENG) material and a lossy mu-negative (MNG) is considered in this work. The wave properties are investigated based on the calculated reflectance for the s wave (transversal electric wave) and the p wave (transversal magnetic wave) in addition to the degree of polarization. It is found that the angle-dependent reflectance of p wave is larger than that of s wave, which is contrary to the usual material with both positive epsilon and positive mu. The effects of losses coming from the ENG and MNG materials are specifically explored and the roles played by their thicknesses are also numerically elucidated.

W.-H. Lin, C.-J. Wu, and S.-J. Chang, "Angular Dependence of Wave Reflection in a Lossy Single-Negative Bilayer," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 107, 253-267, 2010.

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