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By W.-B. Dou, H. F. Meng, B. Nie, Z.-X. Wang, and F. Yang

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A scanning antenna at THz region is proposed and developed based on the quasi-optical techniques. It is composed of extended hemispherical lens/dielectric waveguide feed, inverse Cassegrain antenna, and transform lens. The extended hemispherical lens/dielectric waveguide feed is the key innovation of the scanning antenna. The inverse Cassegrain antenna is realized at THz region with special process and techniques, and the transform lens is used to match the input beam and the quasi-optical feed. The properties of the quasi-optical antenna are simulated with the FDTD method, and the experiments are carried out. The measured radiation pattern of the antenna is in agreement with the simulated result.

W.-B. Dou, H. F. Meng, B. Nie, Z.-X. Wang, and F. Yang, "Scanning Antenna at THz Band Based on Quasi-Optical Techniques," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 108, 343-359, 2010.

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