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By C.-W. Kuo, S.-Y. Chen, Y.-D. Wu, and M.-H. Chen

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In this study, a general method for analyzing the multilayer optical planar waveguides with photonic metamaterial is presented. The propagation characteristics of TE waves guided by the film with both the permittivity and permeability less than zero are investigated theoretically. The formulae for the electric fields of TE modes in this structure have been proposed. Typical numerical results for dispersion characteristics are shown. The analytical and numerical results show excellent agreement.

C.-W. Kuo, S.-Y. Chen, Y.-D. Wu, and M.-H. Chen, "Analyzing the Multilayer Optical Planar Waveguides with Double-Negative Metamaterial," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 110, 163-178, 2010.

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