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By Y. Huang, P. V. Brennan, D. Patrick, I. Weller, P. Roberts, and K. Hughes

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The berthing of large ships in inclement weather with frequently poor visibility presents a challenge. To assist with this application, it may be beneficial to utilise standard radar imaging. Whilst this may be achieved using a mechanically-scanned system, reliability, cost and weight issues, coupled with the need to primarily image only a 120ยบ sector on the port and starboard of the ship, make phased array radar an attractive possibility. Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) radar, with its ability to enhance the resolution available from a given number of elements, is particularly suited to a short-range application such as this in which there is sufficient time to switch between antenna elements as an alternative to more complex implementations. This paper describes a system of this nature from its basic architecture to development and validation, including some artefacts of the particular topology employed.

Y. Huang, P. V. Brennan, D. Patrick, I. Weller, P. Roberts, and K. Hughes, "FMCW Based MIMO Imaging Radar for Maritime Navigation," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 115, 327-342, 2011.

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