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By K. Sirenko, V. Pazynin, Y. K. Sirenko, and H. Bagci

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Proper design of efficient microwave energy compressors requires precise understanding of the physics pertinent to energy accumulation and exhaust processes in resonant waveguide cavities. In this paper, practically for the first time these highly non-monotonic transient processes are studied in detail using a rigorous time-domain approach. Additionally, influence of the geometrical design and excitation parameters on the compressor's performance is quantified in detail.

K. Sirenko, V. Pazynin, Y. K. Sirenko, and H. Bagci, "Compression and Radiation of High-Power Short RF Pulses. I. Energy Accumulation in Direct-Flow Waveguide Compressors," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 116, 239-270, 2011.

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