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By K. Sirenko, V. Pazynin, Y. K. Sirenko, and H. Bagci

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The paper discusses the radiation of compressed high power short RF pulses using two different types of antennas: (i) A simple monopole antenna and (ii) a novel array design, where each of the elements is constructed by combining a compressor and a radiator. The studies on the monopole antenna demonstrate the possibility of a high power short RF pulse's efficient radiation even using simple antennas. The studies on the novel array design demonstrate that a reduced size array with lower pulse distortion and power decay can be constructed by assembling the array from elements each of which integrates a compressor and a radiator. This design idea can be used with any type of antenna array; in this work it is applied to a phased array.

K. Sirenko, V. Pazynin, Y. K. Sirenko, and H. Bagci, "Compression and Radiation of High-Power Short RF Pulses. II. a Novel Antenna Array Design with Combined Compressor/Radiator Elements," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 116, 271-296, 2011.

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