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Distance Estimation of Concealed Objects with Stereoscopic Passive Millimeter-Wave Imaging

By Seokwon Yeom, Dongsu Lee, Hyoung Lee, Joungyoung Son, and Vladimir P. Gushin
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 115, 399-407, 2011


Millimeter waves can be used to detect concealed objects because they can penetrate clothing. Therefore, millimeter wave imaging draws increasing attention in security applications for the detection of objects under clothing. In such applications, it is critical to estimate the distances from objects concealed in open spaces. In this paper, we develop a segmentation-based stereo-matching method based on passive millimeter wave imaging to estimate the longitudinal distance from a concealed object. In this method, the concealed object area is segmented and extracted by a k-means algorithm with splitting initialization, which provides an iterative solution for unsupervised learning. The distance from a concealed object is estimated on the basis of discrepancy between corresponding centers of the segmented objects in the image pair. The conventional stereo-matching equation is modi ed according to the scanning properties of the passive millimeter wave imaging system. We experimentally demonstrate that the proposed method can accurately estimate distances from concealed objects.


Seokwon Yeom, Dongsu Lee, Hyoung Lee, Joungyoung Son, and Vladimir P. Gushin, "Distance Estimation of Concealed Objects with Stereoscopic Passive Millimeter-Wave Imaging," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 115, 399-407, 2011.


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