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By W. Krajewski

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The aim of this paper is to validate a proposed simplified boundary-integral approach (that is called here LEM&BEM) for the analysis of electric field in a live-line-working zone. A human body model of a simplified geometry that is applied to the electric field estimation around the live-line worker is also tested. Numerical results of a more accurate numerical approach, laboratory measurements as well as results of measurements taken on a real tower of HV overhead line are employed for this purpose. The numerical analysis of the electric field distribution in the hot-stick working zone on an anchor tower of 400 kV transmission line is presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of the numerical technique under consideration. The author's own software packages has been applied in computations.

W. Krajewski, "Validation of a Numerical Approach to the Analysis of a Live-Line Worker Exposure to the Electric Field," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 119, 315-333, 2011.

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