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By R. P. Chen and C. H. R. Ooi

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The effect of Kerr nonlinearity on a Lorentz beam is investigated by using the nonlinear Schrődinger (NLS) equation. Based on the variational method, the evolution of a Lorentz beam in a Kerr medium is demonstrated and the critical collapse powers of the Lorentz beam are derived. Numerical simulations of the propagation of a Lorentz beam in a Kerr medium show that the beam becomes quasi-circular in a very short distance. Although the beam width of the Lorentz beam broadens, the central part of the beam give rise to a partial collapse.

R. P. Chen and C. H. R. Ooi, "Evolution and Collapse of a Lorentz Beam in Kerr Medium," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 121, 39-52, 2011.

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