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By X. Niu, Z.-P. Nie, and S. He

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A novel basis function, called as the Modified Phase Extracted (MPE) basis function, has been proposed to analyze three-dimensional scattering problems for electrically large, thin dielectric-coated targets. The MPE basis function, which can be defined on large (e.g., a wavelength or more) curvilinear geometrical elements, is developed for quadrilateral cells. Consequently, combining with the thin dielectric sheet (TDS) approximation, the MPE basis function solves the scattering problem accurately with fewer unknowns than the solutions based on the conventional basis functions. In order to improve the accuracy of the solution solving the problem which has thicker dielectric coatings, some modifications about the TDS approximation model are made. Numerical examples demonstrate that the validity of the proposed approach in solving the scattering from electrically large, thin coated objects.

X. Niu, Z.-P. Nie, and S. He, "The Application of Modified Phase Extracted Basis Functions in Scattering Analysis of Dielectric-Coated Targets," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 127, 121-137, 2012.

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