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By Y. Zhang, W. Zhai, X. Zhang, X. Shi, X. Gu, and Y. Deng

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Radar imaging experiment of ground moving target --- a light rail-way train by Ku-band radar with two receiving channel is introduced. Both coherent and incoherent imaging as well as co-pol and cross-pol interferometric imaging were conducted with SAR amplitude images as well as interferometric --- phase images obtained. In the obtained SAR images, there are 24 stronger scattering centers which correspond to 24 bigger doors of the train. Along-track interferometric --- phase images indicate that the train travels at an increasing speed in one direction and at a decreasing speed in the opposite direction. Short Time Fourier Transform (STFT) is applied to the azimuthal signals to get the instant Doppler frequencies (IDFs), from which one can judge acceleration or deceleration status of the moving train. Electromagnetic scattering characteristics of the train are analyzed according to the SAR images. The estimated speed and length of the train are very well agreed with real situation.

Y. Zhang, W. Zhai, X. Zhang, X. Shi, X. Gu, and Y. Deng, "Ground Moving Train Imaging by Ku-Band Radar with Two Receiving Channels," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 130, 493-512, 2012.

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