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By L. L. Liu, Z. Li, J. Yan, and C. Q. Gu

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In this work, a new efficient simplification method is proposed for crosstalk prediction of multicoaxial cable bundles (MCCB). The purpose of the new simplification method is to reduce the simulation time by reducing the complexity of the complete cable bundle model. A modified five-step procedure is established to define the electrical and geometrical characteristics of the reduced cable bundle by making the outer and inner conductor of the coaxial cable participate in the equivalence procedure respectively. After a short presentation of the MCCB coupling problem, the theory fundamentals of the new simplification method and numerical simulations performed on a simple MCCB are presented to demonstrate the efficiency and the advantages of the new simplification method.

L. L. Liu, Z. Li, J. Yan, and C. Q. Gu, "Simplification Method for Modeling Crosstalk of Multicoaxial Cable Bundles," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 135, 281-296, 2013.

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