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By C.-C. Liu and C.-J. Wu

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In this work, near infrared filtering properties in a transmission narrowband filter are theoretically investigated. The filter is a defective photonic crystal of (LH)ND(HL)N, where N is the stack number, L is SiO2, H is InP, and defect layer D is an extrinsic semiconductor of n-type silicon (n-Si). It is found that there are multiple transmission peaks within the photonic band gap (PBG) as the defect thickness increases. The filtering position can be changed by varying the doping density in n-Si. That is, the peak (channel) wavelength is blued-shifted when the doping density increases. In the angle-dependent filtering property, the channel wavelength is also blued-shifted as the angle of incidence increases for both TE and TM waves. These filtering properties are of technical use in the applications of semiconductor optoelectronics.

C.-C. Liu and C.-J. Wu, "Near Infrared Filtering Properties in Photonic Crystal Containing Extrinsic and Dispersive Semiconductor Defect," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 137, 359-370, 2013.

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