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A Dressed-State Assisted Left-Handed Coherent Medium for High-Gain Optical Amplification

By Katus Maski
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 143, 263-284, 2013


A scheme of double-negative left-handed atomic vapor medium based on dressed-state assisted simultaneous electric and magnetic resonances is suggested. In this mechanism, simultaneous electric- and magnetic-dipole allowed transitions of atoms are driven by an optical wave by taking full advantage of both mixed-parity dressed-state assisted resonance and incoherent population pumping in a quantum-coherent atomic medium (e.g., alkali-metal atomic vapor). Since the simultaneously negative permittivity and permeability can be achieved in a same frequency band, such an atomic vapor will exhibit an incoherent-gain double-negative refractive index that is three-dimensionally isotropic and homogeneous. The imaginary part of the negative refractive index of the present atomic vapor would be drastically suppressed or would become negative because of loss compensation through incoherent population transfer. The quantumcoherent left-handed atomic vapor presented here will have four characteristics: i) three-dimensionally isotropic and homogeneous negative refractive index, ii) double-negative atomic medium at visible (and infrared) wavelengths, iii) tunable negative refractive index based on dressed-state quantum coherence, and iv) high gain due to incoherent pumping action.


Katus Maski, "A Dressed-State Assisted Left-Handed Coherent Medium for High-Gain Optical Amplification," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 143, 263-284, 2013.


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