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By A. Zakaria, I. Jeffrey, J. LoVetri, and A. Zakaria

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The multiplicatively regularized finite-element contrast source inversion algorithm (MR-FEM-CSI) is used to solve the full-vectorial three-dimensional (3D) inverse scattering problem. The contrast and contrast-source optimization variables are located at the centroids of tetrahedra within the problem domain; whereas the electric field is expanded in terms of edge basis functions on the same tetrahedra. A dual-mesh is created in order to apply the multiplicative regularization. To handle large-scale problems the inversion algorithm is parallelized using the MPI library, with sparse matrix and vector computations supported by PETSc. The algorithm is tested using experimental datasets obtained from the Institut Fresnel database. A synthetic example shows that the technique is able to successfully image moisture hot-spots within a partially lled grain bin.

A. Zakaria, I. Jeffrey, J. LoVetri, and A. Zakaria, "Full-Vectorial Parallel Finite-Element Contrast Source Inversion Method," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 142, 463-483, 2013.

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