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By W. Li, W. Lin, and G. Yang

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A compact and low-correlation multiple input multiple output antenna system covering 1710-2690 MHz band for wireless communication standards is proposed. It comprises two identical elements with coupled feeding plate and radiating strip, and each element has a volume of 24.5×15×1.2mm3. Simulated and measured results show that it has good potentials for high-band-only mobile phone. 45% bandwidth (based on S11 < -6 dB), -20 dB isolation, over 70% efficiency and less than 0.15 correlation coefficient are achieved in the frequency ranging from 1710 MHz to 2690 MHz. Several key parameters are also discussed in this study to better understand the antenna principles.

W. Li, W. Lin, and G. Yang, "A Compact MIMO Antenna System Design with Low Correlation from 1710 MHz to 2690 MHz ," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 144, 59-65, 2014.

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