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By M. Landini

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This work aims to provide a physical interpretation of the ``Maxwell's displacement current'' and generalize the use of the derivative function of the electrical flux ``dΨ/dt'' in the magnetic field calculation. The innovative contribution of this study is a mathematical model to describe the origin of magnetic field as a variation of electric flux. By this approach, it follows that only the function ``dΨ/dt'' can generate a ``magnetic tension'': this leads to an interesting unification of electrical phenomena. Displacement current and conduction current are interpreted as complementary aspects of the same phenomena. It is shown how the use of the ``dΨ/dt'' allows the recovery of a formal symmetry in Maxwell's relations of electromagnetic induction law and circuit magnetic law. Included also is a generalized expression of the function ``dΨ/dt''.

M. Landini, "About the Physical Reality of ``Maxwell's Displacement Current'' in Classical Electrodynamics," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 144, 329-343, 2014.

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